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Macalester College Pipe Band on parade


Macalester College Pipe Band


Sample Tunes

Scotland the Brave

Amazing Grace

Green Hills of Tyrol

Bonnie Dundee

Highland Cathedral

Danny Boy

The Ultimate Gift

Give the ultimate wedding or birthday gift. We will compose a tune for your special occasion and you can give it whatever title you choose. Mike is a published bagpipe composer and the Macalester College Pipe Band plays several of his tunes. You can choose the type of tune, a march for a grand occasion, a slow air to memorialize a loved one, or any other common type of bagpipe tune such as a jig, reel, strathspey, or hornpipe.

You will recieve a framed hand written or typed copy of the music, your choice, and a cd with the tune played on the bagpipe.

Prices start at $300 depending on the length of the tune. Again your choice.

Typical minimum wait period is 30 days.